Loading system

The highest level of automation.

Our robots can be efficiently used to load machine tools and thus, increase the degree of automation of the entire production line.

We can supply integrated systems consisting of multiple cooperating robots responsible for the various stages of the production process.

Process checking

The robot always takes the same time to perform a specific operation. Using a robot to load the production line allows you to obtain real-time feedback on the times and machining in general

Integrated quality control

It is possible to integrate quality control through measuring and/or vision systems within the process

Increase in productivity

The automation of the production line increases the efficiency as well as productivity

Bin picking

Our systems have a vision system for identifying the workpieces. The robot can recognise the position of the workpiece and manipulate it accordingly. It is, therefore, not necessary for the operator to place the workpieces in a specific position making it easier to pick up the workpieces from any bin.