Finishing Cell 01

The FC 01 is an advanced robotic solution for finishing operations of medium-small castings. The system is designed so that the robot moves the electrospindle on the workpiece. Through the use of specific tools, it is, therefore, possible to perform cutting, deburring, grinding and measuring operations

A loading carousel with two positions, each one equipped with an independent interpolation rotary table, allows the workpiece to be loaded and unloaded while the machine is running.

The system has a tailstock to block the workpieces. This device simplifies the tools for holding the workpieces during machining, where possible.

The system consists of pre-assembled modules in which the components are installed to reduce the installation/commissioning times and building work.


  • Piece on table
  • Cast iron Aluminium Steel
  • 500 (1000) Kg [2000 kg]
  • 1200x500x500 [1800x1000x1000]
  • Automatic tool change
  • Off-line dedicated CAD / CAM programming
  • Robot programs optimization
  • Force sensor
  • Force actuator with pivoting spindle
  • Laser / probe piece homing
  • Tailstock
  • Loading / unloading carousel
  • Scrap belt