Finishing Cell 03

The FC 03 is an advanced robotics solution for finishing operations on small castings. The system is designed so that the robot moves the workpiece.

There are electrospindles and measurement devices installed on the spindle tower, which is a patented device. This solution allows a variety of tools to be housed in a compact space for cutting, deburring, grinding and measurement operations.

A pair of belt conveyors and a vision system allow the workpieces to be picked up automatically on input and output after machining.

The system is also fitted with an automatic gripper change which minimises the workpiece changeover time during production.

The system consists of pre-assembled modules in which the components are installed to reduce the installation/commissioning times and building work.


  • Workpiece on robot wrist
  • Cast iron Aluminium Steel
  • 200 Kg
  • 1000x300x300 mm
  • Automatic gripper change
  • Off-line CAD/CAM programming
  • Robot program optimisation
  • Spindle tower
  • Scrap belt
  • Grinding unit
  • Vision system
  • In/out belt conveyor
  • Safety cabin