ROBOmove™ is an innovative software solution for off-line programming. It allows you to generate and virtually simulate a working program for the robot starting from a tool path generated by any CAM system.
Post processing strategies

ROBOmove™ allows the user to choose the strategy with which to handle the robot axes from a wide variety of automatic and/or manual possibilities. This means it is possible to optimise the movement of the tool based on the specific application.

Strategy simulation

Through simulation, it is possible to make sure that the strategies chosen for the post processing stage are applicable. The main features provided by the simulation function are: checking the work space, checking the individual configurations, checking for collisions, viewing the theoretical cycle time of the work program.

ROBOmove™ functions

ROBOmove™ also features functions and utilities typically associated with traditional off-line programming of industrial robots. In particular: interactive TCPZROT, interactive off-line learning, integration with the most popular mechanical digitising arm (Microsbribe, Faro, Baces 3D), editing functions on ISO and APT.

Robots and kinematic configurations

ROBOmove™ is available for the most widespread manufacturers of robots and supports up to six external axes for handling the robot and up to six external axes for handling the workpiece.
Both the external axes for handling the robot and workpiece can be managed in position mode or in coordinated mode with the robot.
In both cases, different strategies are available for optimising the robot program based on the type of application and work program.

Software customizations

It is possible to customize ROBOmove™ based on specific customer requests and needs. Want more information about software customization?